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Have you ever wondered what the heck you’re doing as a creative person?

Do you bounce from one art medium to another, each time swearing that this is the one, the perfect way to express yourself. And dang it, another art medium falls into your lap and you’re in love again.

Are we that unfaithful to our muse or is it something else?!

Following My Passion

I’ve chased my elusive “perfect art medium” all my life. I’ve had intimate and some times fickle love affairs with oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, watercolors, wax batiking, basket weaving, casein, printmaking, photography and stain glass. And don’t get me started on jewelry making and silversmithing!

Can you relate?

Do you feel guilt ridden wasting all that money?

Are your closets bulging with art supplies?

Have you contemplated opening your own art shop?

I do and I have, except I can’t let loose of a single thing! Each flirtation was love at first sight and I’m still in love!

Psst, lean in closer and I’ll let you in on a secret…you’re NOT unfaithful…This is following your Passion!

Life changes happen in a split second!

 It was 1998 and I had just spent 10 days and $5,000 doing the New York Art Expo, making connection with art agents and international buyers. I was going big time with gigclee prints world wide and I wasn’t stopping until I was a famous artist! 


I was taking a mini break at an art retreat before my big splash into my mass production career.

That’s when it happened! IT grabbed my butt and flung me into a unknown alien world, where I knew nothing!


Glass Lampworking is what the class syllabus called IT and all I knew was IT had something to do with glass and a disclaimer that the school was not responsible for accidents.


I was so heady from my exhilarating positive response at the Art Expo that I was pretty sure I could walk on water… I SIGNED UP.


The first class was epic for me and a poor lady!


I lit my torch repeatedly with sweaty hands and lifted my butt off the seat so I could bolt and flee just encase the torch blew up! (Did I mention I am scared to death of fire?) Yep… and here I was playing with a 1800° flame!


I managed to put dripping, molten glass on my mandrel*, twirling it awkwardly to form a blob of yuk that I later proudly claimed to be my bead in front of the rest of the class.


*mandrel-(basically a tire spoke with bead releasing clay on it)

OMG! Musuem quality work! The best of the best! You can’t go wrong here, a treasure to forever behold!
Frances S.

Strange twists in life…

In my death curdling experience of my first encounter with glassmaking, there was moments of mystical magic where time stopped for me and I became one with the glowing molten ball of light that I dared not touch.

In the darkness of the room, this new life form danced and morphed into odd shapes, changed hues of brilliant yellows, oranges and reds and spoke to me of possibilities. We bonded in a spiritual way and I merged with the new life force.


That night I called my husband and told him I was changing my art medium from painting to lampworking. He listened patiently, (we’ve been married a long time), then said we would talk about it when I got home.


The very next day I bought all my supplies, torch and kiln… Everything! (Show and Tell is always so much more convincing!)


About the poor lady? She burned herself and I never saw her in class again!


And my World Conquering Prints?… only a sweet memory!

It’s that Serendipity again…!

Serendipity never ceases to surprise me.


Again, it’s the passions tugging on my heart that I follow. Here’s my secret…Stay away from the intellect… it’s the heart that tells the truth!


So my passions for flowers and tropical creatures guide my path and I use my dancing partner, glass lampworking, to explore these magical and glorious subjects. It’s my spiritual path with a new twist, exploring healing energies through my exquisitely color infused miniature glass artworks.

I couldn’t do it without YOU!

Thank you for being there for me!

I could not bravely explore new artistic horizons, isolated and alone in my little studio, without knowing you are there for me. Bonded by similar passions, I love having YOU to share my new glass creations with. Receiving notes from you about how thrilled you are with your new “glass treasures”, well, it makes my sometimes bumpy journey and struggles all worthwhile!

To know I bring Joy into your life and closer to your inner happiness completes me as an artist.

Lighting up your day is always on my mind! 🙂

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Giving Back helps us ALL…

Do you love “dancing with the flame”, too?


Through my teaching Tutorials, you can enjoyed the great wealth of art education I have accumulated along my winding, seemingly unfocused journey. I prefer to call it Divine guidance!


I started with Flower Tutorials that include foundation art education and advance to complex Hydrangea Floral Tutorials. I plan to add more flower and sea creature tutorials in the future.


I believe each of us must learn to express our uniquely special gifts to uplift the world!

It’s kind of like a puzzle. We each possess OUR piece of the puzzle. But we need to explore ourselves to find and then express our “specialness”. That’s why I include all I know about art, lampworking and spiritual guidance in my tutorials.


You can’t be YOU copying someone else!

Exploring who you are and your passions will guide you in your lampworking.


You’ll also find lots of art knowledge on my blog and in depth technique videos, too. We’re all in this thing we call LIFE together.


I hope you’ll join me as I explore the gift of lampworking!

The CliffsNote Version…

Patsy Evins’ love of creating color rich artwork has been a long journey in her life. She received a BFA in drawing and painting and continued her studies for four more years in private art institutions. Her paintings have been exhibited and sold in Japan, Europe, the Far East, Puerto Rico, and the United States.


Only after a successful 15 year painting career, did Evins turn to glass to continue her artistic journey.


Collecting rich, jewel-toned old stain glass windows, Evins became intrigued by how light and glass interacted, creating a mesmerizing, ever evolving, crystalline prism world. Because of her spiritual, life-changing meditations on pure color energies, Evins became obsessed in capturing these qualities in her paintings.


By accident (or Divine guidance), she became exposed to glass lampworking. Manipulating molten glass into 3-D shapes expanded the possibilities for Patsy to create artwork with pure, high energy color that expressed her meditative visions.


Evins’ glass art has received numerous awards, recognized in copious books, magazines and collected by glass art connoisseurs around the world.


Shop Evins’ glass world!

OMG! Musuem quality work! The best of the best! You can’t go wrong here, a treasure to forever behold!
Frances S.