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Pure and lush with strong colors and active brush movements, Patsy’s work stimulates the deepest of emotions. Collectors have reported remarkable improvements in their living environments because of the presence of her paintings. Personal growth through spiritual healing is the cornerstone which motivates this artist.


“I believe colors function to open blocked energy centers in our bodies. Positive, high energy brush strokes and soothing abstract shapes heighten the experience. Any color you are drawn to in the painting indicates a special body area or life issue that is in need of attention. Meditating on the color will bring an understanding and a releasing of the issue. You can relax, cause consciously or unconsciously, the process works. The experience is actually quite fascinating and very therapeutic.”


Patsy incorporates shapes and colors found in nature to build a bonding between the viewer and her paintings. Familiar imagery captivates the viewer’s attention, while color begins a healing process.

Profiled in a PBS documentary “Femme Nouvelle”, Evins’ Resume reads with the same impressiveness. Obtaining a BFA at North Texas, she refined her skills at Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut, and the Silvermine School of Fine Art in New Caanan, Connecticut. She has continued her studies with such notable artists as Aaron Shikler, Daniel Greene, Jim Rosen, and Wolf Kahn.


Though well educated, her life’s work originated and is powered from her personal spiritual values.


“My passion is to have my paintings uplift and heal, helping you reconnect with who you truly are…pure goodness!”

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OMG! Musuem quality work! The best of the best! You can’t go wrong here, a treasure to forever behold!
Frances S.

The Gift That Took Me 25 Years To Share…

Looking back over my life the last 25 years, this one strange encounter with what I call the “Divine” radically changed my life and my art.


Always followers of meditation practice, in the 1990’s, my husband and I had an opportunity to go experience a week long meditation workshop in California.

Though a wonderful experience, intense was a mild word for the spiritual exploring I did.


When I came home, I quickly got back to routine and resumed working on some of my paintings. Relaxing to soothing music (something I normally do while working) I was not prepared for what was about to happen.

Becoming Brushstrokes…

As I exuberantly splashed thick oil brushstrokes onto my paintings, my world changed in a split second.


No longer was I standing outside my painting, but instead, I was floating in a sea of brilliantly vivid shapes of color. Each color was pulsating to a different beat, as if an orchestra was conducting a magnificent musical but strangely void of sound.


As I floated, the colors surrounded me and I became aware that I could feel each color. They pulsated with amazing energies, each unique, piercing and each resonating to a pure unheard note.


The colors were three dimensional, pulsating, and the color vibrated through my body in waves as I floated through them. I could feel the harmonies as individual fluctuations of intensity and lightness,  yet all blending into a love embrace that engulfed me.

It’s All About Feeling!…

The feelings I had among this essence were exhilarating, comforting, alive as my energy fragments mingled in this ocean of vibrating live energies. And I say alive in the real sense of the word.


The more I felt, the more I knew that these colors were real, like you and me…having feelings and joyfully expressing themselves.


But there was a difference because there was no negativity… just pure, clear, expressions of love, acceptance and feeling a part of all there is.


I floated in these healing vibrations for what seems like a lifetime.


There was no feeling of time, place or the reality beyond this world. Just perfect acceptance.

What’s Black Doing Here?…

Then I slowly became aware that there was a grading among this bliss as muddy colors bumped against the pure crystalline colors. I could feel an agitation in the muddy colors, as if something was off and unsettling.


And then a black blob appeared and expressed a hardness and devouring as it bounced against the brilliant hued colors.


Actually, it was quite scary to me at first, for I could feel black’s energy and it was a nothingness, a void. But it wasn’t there to harm, but just to exist. And it accentuated the magnificence of the other colors.


My eternalness within this existence seemed forever and I reveled in the exhilaration of being the the presences of something so holy, so awesome, so exhilarating, that I longed to stay here forever!

OMG… Not Now…

Patsy Evins

And then, the unthinkable happened…I felt my essence being sucked out.


I left as particles, as if caught in the vacuum of a black hole. It was quick, sharp and I gasped for air as I exited.


I blinked and stared… I was looking at my painting again. Life was as before. My eyes fell upon the clock and I was shocked that only a few minutes had past. It had felt like a lifetime.

Feeling My Way…

25 years has past and I can still describe this amazing experience as though it was a few moments ago. It changed my life!


It become my mission and obsession to paint with pure, high energy colors. These individual color brush strokes expressed aliveness, individuality, yet supported a harmonious whole.


In my future paintings I no longer used my head but felt my way as I painted my paintings, slowly feeling the colors’ essence next to another. I got rid of low energy muddy colors and minimized the use of black.

How to Find Your Purpose…

It’s a driving force in my life to share with you how alive and vital color is in your life. How color is living energy, like you and me, that can heal and even knows how to heal each individual person.


With my paintings, you will began to experience color as a self healing tool. Hanging in your home, the magic of pure, soothing color becomes very instrumental in releasing negative stress in your everyday life.

How I’m Different…

Now, when I stay connected with this life force, color feelings are so intense, so forceful, so magnificent that it feels like my heart will literally explode. Whether it’s my paintings, my glass, my blooming gardens, sunsets, the ocean’s wonders, whenever I feel these magical moments, I try to express through my art this life force so YOU can feel it, too!

Why Do I Do My Art…

There is a magical world  existing only a feeling away from your and my reality. Indulging in uplifting art is not a luxury but a necessity in our lives . It helps you and me cross over into this world of Healing and Guidance to our higher divine being.


I know now that my gift was the privilege of crossing through the veil. Expressing that brilliance in my art to empower you to heal yourself is my purpose on earth.


“More than fine art…my paintings are bridges to your dreams!”

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OMG! Musuem quality work! The best of the best! You can’t go wrong here, a treasure to forever behold!
Frances S.