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Are You & I Kindred Spirits?

Are we connected on a deeper level?

Do You have a Deep passion for flowers?

I’m not talking ‘Oh, that’s pretty’ response when you see a gorgeous flower. Instead, do you get a heart wrenching emotional response of shear delight. It’s as if you are in the presence of the holiness Dalai Lama! It feels like a form of spiritual worship that tingles your whole body!

Pink althea glass flower inspiration

Pink Althea in my garden ‘glass flower inspiration’


Let Me Outside!

Do you have to get out in nature (my garden) or a part of you will surely wither and die? Symptoms are feelings of nervous edginess, crankiness (my husband has another word), and when it’s really bad, a form of downright depression! To me it’s like the world is whirling out of control and I can’t fix it!

Haaa… there’s nothing like digging you hands (and sometimes toes) in the warm, earthy soil to get grounded… bringing back peace, balance, & calm clarity to the world!

Red Hibiscus Glass Lampwork Flower Inspiration

Red Hibiscus in my garden, Glass Flower Inspiration

glass lampwork bead flower yellow orange camellia bloom

Glass lampwork flower… camellia bloom with berries


Do You Want Flowers Everywhere?

Can’t get enough? Do you want flowers on your dishes, hanging on your walls and windows? I want them every inch I can squeeze them in! And let’s not forget the sweet fragrance of these ethereal creatures! Splashing them on your body, in your bathtub, & infusing you surroundings, I think, surely must be like being in heaven!

flowers in my garden, artist Patsy Evins glass inspiration

Flowers in my garden, my inspiration

flowers in my garden, glass lampwork flowers inspiration

More flowers in my garden


Do You Need to Share the JOY?

It’s not enough to just immerse all our senses, we process our Joy by sharing with others. Giving away bouquets of sweet floral delights, sharing cuttings, baby plants; we do anything we can to spread this precious Joy into others’ lives.

I create with my hands to bring Joy into the world! The joyous emotions I experience comes through my artwork, whether it’s glass art, painting, or jewelry making. If my artwork speaks to you, it’s because we are kindred spirits. We’re wired in an unique way that bonds us to Divinity! It’s like we have our own language!

Glass Lampwork Pink Hydrangea Necklace by Patsy Evins

Glass Lampwork Pink Hydrangea Necklace by Patsy Evins

hydrangea flowers Patsy Evins' garden

Hydrangea flowers my garden (And they told me I couldn’t grow hydrangeas in Hallettsville!)


You Just Gotta Have It?

You could call it ‘a necessary luxury’ because you just can’t live without it! This beauty haunts your dreams & I bet you’re willing to skip other necessities to have it. You could call it insanity, but I don’t want to live without beauty around me!

I like to call it the Essence of Divinity, calling to your soul’s true identity… your soul’s purpose!

It’s not logical or common sense, so don’t worry about rationalizing your urges. These longing & knowing tugs of your heart help guide you to line up with your gifts on earth.


 It’s God’s Gift to You and it’s built into our DNA! 

Those who create beauty for the world are in service to mankind to insure that a connection with Divinity stays open & flowing. And don’t worry, because expressing beauty in the world through the creative arts has existed since, well, forever


Music to listen to, art to see, flowers to smell, & beautiful creations to adorn our bodies & surroundings inspires, refreshes, & enlightens us! We can not exist & thrive without these bridges to the Divine.

And wanting beautiful things is part of our survival mechanism. It insures our connection to God. The magnificent feelings of well-being is our indicator that we are on the right path!

Is it a luxury to purchase boat loads of plants each year, exert hours of energy planting them, and then hoping they will bloom? And crazier yet, planting something that you wait a year for it to possibly bloom? If you’re like me, yes, yes, yes… it’s worth every cent, time & effort!


That’s why I call my art ‘necessary luxuries’! They, like flowers, are a must to survival of our existence!

Well, how did you score? Let me know in the comments below… How do you feel about beautiful things being necessities in your life?


What I’m working on now?

Here’s a peek… I’m almost finish. Look for the finished necklace in April’s newsletter!!!

blue hydrangea flower necklace

Blue hydrangea flower necklace

glass lampwork blue hydrangea flower beads

Glass lampwork blue hydrangea flower beads


I plan to incorporate some of these hydrangea flowers into the necklace. I had to make all of these before I got the perfect ones!

– Patsy

P. S. Remember to chime in your feelings about how beautiful things are important to you in the comments! 🙂



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Patsy Evins’ love of creating color rich artwork has been a long journey in her life. She received a BFA in drawing and painting and continued her studies for four more years in private art institutions. Her paintings have been exhibited and sold in Japan, Europe, the Far East, Puerto Rico, and the United States. She has been creating her sculptural glass lampwork art for over 17 years.

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