Glass Pink Rose and Pearl Necklace glams this rose theme outfit

Delicate glass pink rose and pearl necklace gives finishing touch to this rose themed outfit Putting on something soft and floral, like this glass pink rose and pearl necklace & rose themed outfit, makes me feel really good inside to wear it. I don't know about you but I love dressing up a bit to [...]

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Glass Sea shell Earrings: Perfect Tropic sundress outfit

Fine artisan handmade glass Sea shell earrings makes this tropical sundress sparkle! Green leaf sundress   2. glass seashell earrings   3. watermelon purse   4. shoes Think cruising to Cancun, Belize or maybe Roatan! As you depart to explore the tropical isle, you can feel the cool breezes caressing you warm body. Stopping for a margarita at [...]

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Tropical Inspired Glass Art: Jellyfish Earrings and Starfish Necklace

Glass Jellyfish earrings and Starfish necklace... perfect for your tropical vacation! Turquoise dress    2. Glass jellyfish earrings    3. Fine Artisan glass Starfish necklace    4. Turquoise sandals Just wearing something tropical, like these jellyfish earrings and starfish necklace will uplift your spirits and put a smile on your face! Even though you may not be planning [...]

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How did I make this Hydrangea glass flower pendant necklace?

Glass Hydrangea flower bead  Want to know how I made these glass hydrangeas flowers in the above pendant? I used the exact hydrangea I taught in Tutorial 104...Hydrangeas (Check it out here). It's the same bead in my Tutorial 104... Where the Hydrangea glass flower came from? It's the 4th hydrangea flower I teach in my [...]

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Summer Style- Garden Cocktail Party Outfit- Glass Rose Statement Necklace

Magical garden cocktail party outfit showcases glass rose statement necklace! Can you image sipping on a refreshing cocktail as you stroll down garden pathways that are exploding with colorful floral blooms all around you? The air is heavy with their perfumed fragrances and you breathe in the lushness of your surroundings. Summer garden cocktail parties [...]

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Summer spiced Tropical flower Outfit with glass Hydrangea drop earrings

Breezy, Easy Summer Time Living stripped blouse     2. flower skirt     3. purse      4. shoes      5. hydrangea earrings     6. green palm fronds background   Botanical prints, comfy styles, glass floral drops herald Summer time into your life! I'm so excited to share with you my new pink hydrangea earrings from [...]

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Fun Spring Outfit for Art Gallery and Antique Shopping: Glass red rose necklace

Just the right outfit for that Saturday when the air is crisp, the sun is glowing and life is perfect. You'll love wearing my wire weaved rose with rosebuds glass necklace. Light & airy, it brings just the right touch of Spring to this fun outfit!

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Salsa Spiced Outfit

 This salsa spiced outfit is infused with hot reds, ruffles, tassels and sparkling glass jewels. Ruffles, tassels and roses... the perfect start for a spicy evening of fun. You'll find the red glass rose necklace adds just the perfect sparkle to the salsa spiced outfit. White silk blouse 2. Red mini skirt 3. Red tassel [...]

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Glass Flowers Pink Hydrangea Earrings: My Garden Blossoms Collection

Garden Blossoms I’m so excited to share my newest jewelry designs with you! My Garden Blossoms are the next evolution of sharing with you the magnificence of flowers. You’re going to love these earrings. Light & graceful, these Hydrangea buds embody the essence of Spring. Just perfect for spring & summer days at work (when [...]

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Why Comparing is the “Kiss of Death” to Your Joy & Bead Making

My first ISGB convention was a roller coaster ride of awe & amazement with a brain overload from the abundance of creativity there. Mix that with a heavy dose of envy of others' talents, peppered with a tinge of jealousy that they were so far advanced from the pithily beginning place I was waddling in [...]

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