Why I’m back with an Art Gallery to sell my Art…?

I've been selling my glass art, myself, for 15 years. My friend thought I was crazy to give away a large percentage of my art's selling price to a gallery. She doesn’t understand why I am willing to do that. Back in Georgia, for 10 years, I loved doing indoor bead shows each month. Mostly [...]

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How to make Glass Flowers for a Fairy Garden using Your Lampwork Flower Tutorial 103

Here’s a FUN way to practice making your glass flowers from your Tutorial 103 & make something fabulous.  Fairy gardens are so precious but finding unusual flowers befitting a mystical miniature garden is next to impossible. So I decided to make my own exotic flowers worthy of my fairy gardens and you can too!   [...]

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How to Stop Being Overwhelmed & Frustrated with Lampworking

  What are you doing with this New Year’s time of renewal? Have you made new goals & dreams? Do you feel the new breath of fresh air of sparkling creative ideas bubbling up inside of you? Christmas parties, baking, gift-wrapping, & that jammed packed holiday schedule is now just a sweet past whisper.   For me, [...]

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Overload: Is Too Many Choices a Bad Thing?

I just watched a TED talk about how giving yourself too many choices kills your creativity and even causes you to make bad decisions! And if you offer too many options to your customers, statistics show they will freeze up and choose nothing. Bottom line... Cramming too much into a small space actually causes “overload” [...]

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Are you going to a craft show this holiday season?

Do you want to learn how not to overpay for the glass beads or jewelry you buy? Then you better know the differences between a “Production” & a “Fine Artisan” glass bead maker. "Yellow Victorian Posy" Glass Lampwork Bead Flower, Go to my SHOP! This can be tricky because the line is blurry! [...]

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Lampwork Tutorials- How To Make Bubbles in Glass

 My video demos 4 different lampwork tutorials that I use to make bubbles in glass.   Each one creates a different effect in your bead.   Each of these bubble lampwork tutorials has been picked up from my exploring glass from different areas of glass making.   When I lived in Georgia, I would go [...]

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Ribbon Stringers (Glass Cane Ribbon) Technique You’re Gonna LOVE!

Striped ribbon stringers and what the others call ribbon glass cane, is the topic for today.   There's lots of uses for them but I find these flat ribbon glass cane/stringers are wonderful to use on flower petals and leaves.   Learn how to make them on this video.... “Caneworking is a glass blowing technique [...]

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Tutorial: Making Glass Jewelry By Wire Weaving

Today is about making Glass Jewelry made with my artistic weaving techniques.   Making glass jewelry with lampwork beads creates the ultimate in exclusive, high end jewelry. It will appeal to discriminating customers who are looking for fine art in jewelry.   Deena asked, in the comments, if I could demo how to use wire [...]

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