Lampwork Tutorial: Silver Leaf Techniques You’ll Want To Learn

  Silver Leaf lampwork techniques that will get you having fun on your torch today!   I wanted to share how I use fine silver leaf and silver foil on my beads today but when I started videoing, I could have talked and demoed for an hour. Sssoooo, I decided to demo silver leaf lampwork [...]

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Silver Fuming Lampwork Glass …Tricks and Tips

We’ll be exploring Silver Fuming with fine silver, today… exactly how I do it!   I want to give a little “warning” before we start, about learning from YouTube. I explored YouTube for silver fuming videos and found 2 that I watched. The first one, I keep thinking… that’s not the way I do it and [...]

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Double Helix Glass: Striking, Reducing & Encasing Secrets

How to Strike, Reduce and Encase Double Helix Glass all on one bead! I had some people asking how to take Double Helix Glass to the next level by encasing it. What a perfect direction to go! double helix glass… Terra Nova 2 and NYX I wanted to point out that I used [...]

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Lampwork Tutorials: Silver Glass Reducing Secrets

  You’re going to learn how to reduce silver glass in these lampwork tutorials, today. I’ll be talking about the different flames you need to use, what to watch out for before you loose your gorgeous shiny silver reflections…..sh#@*t… and how to start over again! :) Here’s my reducing silver video…enjoy… It’s hard to include [...]

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Wow! Look what Tammy did with my Lampwork Beads!

Rose bud Lampwork Beads Everywhere! Can you find them????   A friend of mine, Tammy Scott, emailed me pics of her latest art collage creation 'Spectra'... Isn't this beautiful? She will be teaching a class in September on how to create this amazing piece of artwork !! Email her for details....Scott Tammy <tscott@san.org>   The [...]

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Why Being Grateful is the Most Important Thing to BE??

Why Being Grateful is the Most Important Thing to BE???   BE Grateful... "For each new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends, For everything Thy goodness sends."          -Ralph Waldo Emerson   Be Grateful for the Storms that create the Rainbows! [...]

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New Lampwork Hydrangea Beads! OR… Want to Learn How to Make My Hydrangeas?

  New Lampwork Hydrangea Beads! I'm working on my NEW lampwork Hydrangea beads & tutorial. Lots of experimenting  going on with Hydrangeas. I wanted to share what I'm creating with you!   Sold but let me know if you are interested in some hydrangeas!   SOLD hydrangea beads   NEW Lampwork Hydrangea Tutorial Coming Soon!! [...]

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You Can’t Live A Joyful & Healthy Life Without This???

  How to live a Joyful and Healthy Life? The answer is entwined with the "Sea Cave"... One of the Sea Caves Join me as I travel the bumpy road with my magical dance with glass. I'm always chasing the elusive "joyful and healthy life" I cherish.   It was a custom order for an [...]

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