Luscious Lampwork Flower Beads With Silver & Gold Fuming

Luscious Lampwork Flower Beads I've taught you how to Silver and Gold fume in my FREE video tutorials. Have you tried these lampwork techniques? If not, check around on my blog for all the Free training on silver & gold fuming. Today, I want to entice you to light up your torch and try these [...]

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Lampwork Tutorials: How to Do Gold Fuming On Soft Glass

Hey guys, we're exploring the delights of shiny with Gold Fuming glass lampwork beads today. I'm make this an action packed blog post, filled with lots of goodies for you to watch and enjoy learning. :) Let's get going…Gold fuming glass lampwork beads… The first video has my demo beads and instructions. Be sure to [...]

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Lampwork Beads That Stand Out From The Crowd

  Unique Beads…How to create them? Let’s talk about creating unique beads that are one of a kind & you!   You’ve learned tons of silver techniques that you can be incorporating into your beads. But the secret is to spend time exploring each of these silver techniques until you have mastered them. I spent [...]

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Lampwork Tutorials: How to use Silver Foil Secrets!

 Lampwork Tutorials using Silver Foil… Are ya loving exploring Silver in these videos??   TIP: When we cover something new in a lampwork tutorial video, practice, practice, practice the technique. Then, immediately, start incorporating the technique into whatever you are doing with your beads at the moment. Use the technique as a background, part of [...]

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Lampwork Tutorial: Silver Leaf Techniques You’ll Want To Learn

  Silver Leaf lampwork techniques that will get you having fun on your torch today!   I wanted to share how I use fine silver leaf and silver foil on my beads today but when I started videoing, I could have talked and demoed for an hour. Sssoooo, I decided to demo silver leaf lampwork [...]

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Silver Fuming Lampwork Glass …Tricks and Tips

We’ll be exploring Silver Fuming with fine silver, today… exactly how I do it!   I want to give a little “warning” before we start, about learning from YouTube. I explored YouTube for silver fuming videos and found 2 that I watched. The first one, I keep thinking… that’s not the way I do it and [...]

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