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Do YOU Need a Cure for the “Winter Blues”?

Has the weather been dreary for you, too? I’m in need of bright cheery everything!

All my flowers have died here… except the weeds, of course! They are happily thriving, thumbing their noses at me! They know I won’t come out in the cold and weed them!


About this time of year, my whole world seems to fill with dull, dreary-grey skies & my heart sinks as if the weight of the world has fallen on it. It’s called the “Winter Blues” and it snares many of us, especially after the holidays.


Are you feeling less energetic, a little depressed, & dragging your feet through the day? And lets not talk about the cravings I’m indulging in!


So I’ve decided to make my own cheerful flowers with my jewelry. Hopefully, sharing these cheery, colorful flowers & a happy tropical fish will bring some sunshine into your life!


Many people ask how I paint my sweet flowers inside the glass bead. If you look really closely, they do look like they’ve been painted…



Monet's Waterlilies, glass lampwork floral bead necklace

Monet's Waterlilies, glass lampwork floral bead necklace


My secret is my 30 years of painting and 18 years of glass torching…

When I get in the ‘Zen Zone’ while I’m torching, my artistic voice instincts that I’ve perfected over my lifetime take over.

Whether painting on paper, canvas, or glass, I intuitively follow my inner muse. I mix glass colors while they are in a molten state, just like it was paint on a canvas.

At the moment, no matter if I’m painting , sculpting fish out of molten glass or designing jewelry, my soul has gone south to escape the “winter blues”! Are you doing a little salsa dreaming, too?

Glass Queen Triggerfish Necklace by Patsy Evins

It’s so much fun to wear some bright, tropical delight to lift your spirits! See it in the Shop…


Glass Queen Triggerfish Necklace


Besides taking Vitamin D & using a sun lamp… wearing bright colors was high on the “feel better” list of Therese Borchard’s “10 Ways of fight off the Winter Blues”. It’s a great article. I’m already doing a couple of things like brights colors & experimenting with new ideas but I plan on trying a few more on Therese’s list!


And there’s nothing more wonderful than the fabulous feeling you get just by wearing something cheery & beautiful. It seems like it’s built into our DNA’s survival instincts to crave things that make us feel good.



Right now is the perfect time to indulge yourself a little!

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Wishing you Sunshine & Smiles,
– Patsy


P. S.

A new jewelry collection is coming in March!

I’m furiously developing a new collection including techniques of silversmithing to enhance my lampworked glass jewels. I’m still in the “up in the air” mode, designing just the perfect balance of hammering, pounding & wrapping of art glass, metal wires & precious stones to create the visions in my head.

glass lampwork & silverwork hydrangea flower pendant


I’ll keep you personally posted with inside peeks of my progress! 🙂


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Patsy Evins’ love of creating color rich artwork has been a long journey in her life. She received a BFA in drawing and painting and continued her studies for four more years in private art institutions. Her paintings have been exhibited and sold in Japan, Europe, the Far East, Puerto Rico, and the United States. She has been creating her sculptural glass lampwork art for over 17 years.

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