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Do You Need Inspirational Help Creating Your Glass Beads?

Are you bursting with ideas, or completely blank when you sit down to torch? Want to know how I spark my inspiration? 

Sitting down to torch is always the worst time unless I am prepared! So, I’ve resorted to doing a few things that I’ll share with you that help spark my imagination’s flame.

My handy-dandy iphone captures anything that stirs my soul. Most of the time they are quickie moments, gone in a blink of the eye. Like sunsets, sunrises, foggy dew.

I think when something touches your heart, it’s a nod from the Divine that this is important to your soul’s well being!

Capture the moment…

You can take pictures to capture the moment & file them away to visit when your mind is experiencing a creative blank.

evening sunset with fog photo by patsy evins

‘Evening Sunset Mist’

Above-Evening sunset with fog…color combinations are amazing for a bead… soft, romantic peachy pinks contrasting with yummy earthy browns, all drenched in creamy softness!

 fog at sunset photo by patsy evins

‘Fog at Sunset’

Above-There wasn’t enough light for the iphone’s camera, causing the photo to be grainy…which I loved. All the colors divided into a richly hued impressionistic painting.

Twilight magic photo by patsy evins

‘Twilight magic’

Above-This is emotional bliss! The moon, glazed in shimmering mist, dancing across the dew kissed grass. Can you feel the magical moment? Imbuing your glass art with emotional energy creates a connection with the viewer. Sometimes it’s all about the feelings when you’re making art!

Start a Color Scheme File somewhere…

I have one on Pinterest and one on my iphone. It’s so easy to fall into a rut using your favorite color schemes. You can jar your creative juices with new color combinations that catch your eye.

Below is a dress I was trying on. It didn’t fit, but I loved the color combo… so I took a picture! What a great combo-plaid with flowers!

Color Schemes for beads

Color Schemes for beads ‘Plaids & Flowers’

*Idea Alert-Some beads could be plaids, some different colored flowers, some with leaves w/ flowers. Dominate color would be the yummy turquoise. You could give your beads a Impressionistic feel. (Possibly new techniques to learn that will expand your creative boundaries..?)


Below-To die for color scheme! Again, didn’t fit but I’ve capture the luscious colors!

Color Schemes Turquoise & Blue for lampwork beads

Color Schemes Turquoise & Blue

*Idea Alert-Again the gorgeous turquoise but combining with greens, blueish purples, yellow golds & accenting with purplish pinks (WOW!). Design elements (think repeatable patterns on a bead)-the scalloped pink edging, leaf motif, the tiny pink flowers & the large flowers. What beads would YOU create? (Use your Flower Tutorial 103 for flower help)

Color Schemes Turquoise & Blue

Color Schemes Turquoise & Blue

Things that Express Your Creative Spirit…

You have personal taste & inclinations…(things you love, love, love!) They come from your personal experiences and they are unique to YOU alone! Express them in your glass art!

I love Art Nouveau! And even when it’s not in style or trendy, there always is a group of people that love it. (So, no worries about if someone will buy it!) Just follow your creative spirit!

Art Nouveau antique dish glass lampwork inspiration

Art Nouveau antique dish

This antique bowl has the gorgeous swirls and curly-cues that I love. They inspire me so snap, snap, snap with my iphone. (I did ask before I snapped) Going antique hunting is a wonderful way to hone in on what eras or styles you love!

Glass hydrangea pendant with copper wire with art nouveau influences

Glass hydrangea pendant in copper wire with art nouveau influences ‘Hydrangea Splendor’

Above-This is how I translated my obsession with Art Nouveau into my glass art work. I’ve got all the curves and sensuous flow of this era’s style, yet my personal love of flowers & artistic personality shine through. I feel it’s uniquely ‘ME’.

What’s your influences? What do you love? Share below in the comments. 

Talk to you next month! 🙂


P.S. Would you like to know how I created the above necklace? Let me know…I’d be happy to share!




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About the Author:

Patsy Evins’ love of creating color rich artwork has been a long journey in her life. She received a BFA in drawing and painting and continued her studies for four more years in private art institutions. Her paintings have been exhibited and sold in Japan, Europe, the Far East, Puerto Rico, and the United States. She has been creating her sculptural glass lampwork art for over 17 years.


  1. fay wolfenden March 16, 2017 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    Love your necklace. the copper wire work goes great with your beautiful flowers.
    I do a lot of copper wire work..love it.

    • Patsy Evins March 17, 2017 at 4:20 am - Reply

      Thanks, Fay! It’s always wonderful to get a compliment from fellow jewelry artists! I love copper, too. Do you put a protective finish on your jewelry?

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