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Lampwork Bead Tutorial 104:
Gorgeous Hydrangea Lampwork Beads

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Tutorials 101-103:
Tutorials 101 – 103 are foundational tutorials. They will prepare you with techniques and knowledge you will need for my advanced floral beads.
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Tutorial 104: Gorgeous Hydrangeas:


Lampworking 104: 4 Gorgeous Hydrangea Beads:

Have you ever been frustrated trying to make a sculptural flower? Did you struggle and struggle, wasting tons of expensive glass and then get that sinking feeling of disappointed seeing how bad it looked when you pulled it out of the kiln the next morning?

Well, I know how you feel cause I definitely have! I’ve spend thousands of hours since I began lampworking in 1998, wasting expensive glass and precious time, trying to figure out how to make sculptural flowers. I have buckets and buckets of reject beads that look like sh#@*T to prove it!!

Well, I’ve finally figured it out and I now make beautiful sculptural flowers that are admired!

I’m excited to share with you my personal secrets to how I create my gorgeous, lifelike Hydrangea flowers.


What Will You Receive in Tutorial 104?

  • 4 Fabulous Hydrangea bead tutorials… each one a beautiful flower and a wealth of my secrets, tips & lampworking knowledge!
  • STEP BY STEP detailed & easy to understand instructions that tell you how to do each hydrangea bead!
  • Tons of elaborate photos to help you visually follow along with me as I do each step in the tutorials.


You will start with a simple, yet gorgeous hydrangea bead that could easily become a bread & butter bead, and then advance into more complex and challenging sculptural hydrangea beads with each new tutorial.


Who’ll Enjoy Tutorial 104?

  • Tutorial 104 is ideal for lampworkers who want to start learning to think & understand how to do more sculptural & complicated beads.
  • It is also challenging enough for more experienced lampworkers to push their artistic abilities with each bead tutorial.


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Tutorial Description:

The 1st Sphere Hydrangea bead tutorial explores the motif of the hydrangea petal shape and how to design a bead embodying these hydrangea characteristics.

Examining hydrangeas closely, some have petals that are flat and wide. I took this one characteristic, expanded and repeated the trait to create this bead. You will be using the foundational information in Tutorial 101 as the jumping off point for this hydrangea bead.

In the 2nd hydrangea bead tutorial, Triangle Hydrangea Cluster, you’ll be using what you learned in Tutorial 102 to create the different types of blooms. We’ll work with designing a triangular bead just by positioning the flowers on the bead. You’ll also be mixing your glass colors, using enamels, and working with creating a cluster effect, unique to hydrangeas, on this bead. We will elevate small blooms above the surface to create this quality and by applying hydrangea buds underneath the small blooms.

The 3rd hydrangea bead tutorial is a flat back flower. This bead incorporates new techniques, advancing the complexity of the bead. We’ll start making the hydrangea petals much more sculptural.

You can make the 3rd bead as little or big as you feel comfortable doing by putting as many hydrangea petals on as you want. Then make the leaves in proportion to the flower. Some of these hydrangea petals will partially lift off the surface of the bead. We will be forming leaves above and below the hydrangea flowers. You learned how to make leaves in Tutorial 103. Now we’ll attach them to the bead.

The 4th hydrangea bead tutorial is also a flat back flower. It is a combination of all the previous tutorials, which includes the key characteristics of hydrangeas. You will learn how to pull all the lampworking techniques together to create the final, gorgeous hydrangea bead.

More Pictures:



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More Info:

This tutorial is 94 pages. We have reformatted it to make it more compact for easy downloading! There are detailed descriptions and 295 detailed photos to guide you.

We will email you the file within 48 hours from your purchase.

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We will send the tutorial as a PDF.

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File Details:

I will deliver the tutorial to you in PDF format, so all you need is a pdf reader in order to open it and view it on your computer, or print copies for yourself. The photos have been optimized and the data compressed to allow for a much faster download. I believe that you will be completely satisfied with this tutorial and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

I have a copyright on the contents of the tutorial, so I ask that you not distribute it in any way or make additional copies other than the ones you make for your personal use. Thank you in advance for recognizing the value of the hard work that went into preparing this for you.

Thank you, and Enjoy!
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OMG! Musuem quality work! The best of the best! You can’t go wrong here, a treasure to forever behold!
Frances S.