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Lampworking Tutorial 101, 102, & 103 Bundle:

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These 3 foundational lampwork bead tutorials will prepare you for my flower tutorials with techniques and knowledge you will need for my advanced floral beads.

Now is the perfect time to purchase my foundational tutorials at an unbelievable value!! Separately, the 3 tutorials add up to US $74.31.



You can read more about each Tutorial by going to each individual tutorial.

A quick summary of each of the three tutorials included in this package are as follows:


Tutorial 101: Dots to Flowers
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Lampwork Bead Tutorial 101 includes:

You’ll learn the foundations of making flower beads. I start with teaching you how to create the perfect dot bead, but really it’s about how to artistically design a bead.

We then take those dot techniques and incorporate new lampwork techniques to create flower beads.

Bonus Color Theory included:

*Primary colors and how important they are to your designs.

*Tints and shades of colors to create more dynamic beads.

*Black and white and how they affect other colors.

Bonuses included:

My way of encasing and pulling stringers.

Cool exercises for you to explore yourself as an artist

The 1st tutorial is 88 pages long, with elaborate descriptions and 124 detailed photos.

Other Beads You’ll Learn


Tutorial 102: Thinking Sculpturally
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Lampwork Bead Tutorial 102 includes:

2 Sculptural Flowers on beads:

In ‘Puffy Flowers’, we will be working with creating different heights and sizes of flowers. This flower tutorial will get you thinking sculpturally and designing flower patterns on a bead. These lampworking techniques are the foundation for many sculptural flowers I make.

In ‘Floating Flowers’, we will leave the surface of the bead to make some of the flowers. When you master this flower bead, you will understand how to work 3-D with sculptural flowers.

Bonus Color Theory

* Hue

* Intensity of colors

* Color Value

* Warm and Cool colors (color temperature)

Also included:

* glass mixing and making stringers

* applying twisties to the surface of a bead

*More experiments to push your artistic creativity and using color in your beads

It is 70 pages, with elaborate descriptions and 120 detailed photos.


Tutorial 103: Sculptural Flowers
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Lampwork Bead Tutorial 103 includes:

Sculptural flowers & Leaves you’ll be learning:

* 3 petal flowers

* 4 petal flowers

* Variegated Flower with Enamels and Custom Colors

* Variegated leaves

Bonus Color Theory covered:

* Secondary Colors

* Complementary Colors

* Split Complementary Colors

More Bonuses:

* You will learn how I mix glass to get gorgeous colors

* You’ll learn my secrets & methods of developing fabulous color schemes

* I will teach you how to make your own custom glass colors.

More Bonuses-You’ll learn about Glass Enamels:

* I’ll share ways how you can use glass enamels

* I demo my way of working with enamels in my flowers

Also included:

Fabulous examples and exercises to help you understand the artistic creative process.

It’s 88 pages with detailed descriptions and 229 detailed photos

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More Info:

I will deliver the 3 tutorials to you in PDF format, so all you need is a pdf reader in order to open them and view them on your computer or print copies for yourself. The photos have been optimized and the data compressed to allow for a much faster download. I believe that you will be completely satisfied with these tutorials and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

I have a copyright on the contents of the tutorials, so I ask that you not distribute them in any way or make additional copies other than the ones you make for your personal use. Thank you in advance for recognizing the value of the hard work that went into preparing these for you.

Thank you, and Enjoy!
Item is a Digital download



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OMG! Musuem quality work! The best of the best! You can’t go wrong here, a treasure to forever behold!
Frances S.