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Why share my art knowledge and why I don’t physically teach?

Simple questions with very complicated answers.

Are you shy? Do you find it excruciating to speak up and voice your opinion, much less share what you are passionate about?

I do!

I’d rather stay safe in my studio and just create.

I’ve been learning Art knowledge in all forms and mediums for over 50 years. I’ve got Degrees, post graduate training and over 35 years as a professional artist (and that means making a living).

I’ve got tons to say that can help you become a fine artist with glass. I can help you express your uniqueness… to have a “voice” that is truly your own!

But stepping out into the limelight is not my dream. I really don’t yearn to be famous.

What I really want to do is pass down my knowledge to YOU. I want you to understand that you are a very, very “special” being that needs to express yourself!

And then the internet was born!

Writing ebooks is safe for me and yet, a wonderful way to spread my love of Art and Glass Lampworking.

I share because I want Glass Lampworking to grow, expand and become part of everyone’s life!

What you learn from me will make you a whole person and help you find your passion in life.

In my ebook Tutorials you’ll receive:

  • Glass Lampworking  techniques

  • Art and Glass History

  • Art knowledge and training

  • How to find your artistic “voice”

  • How to grow and use your spiritual “muse” as an artist

If you are eager to explore who you are as an artist with glass…You’ll find my teaching invaluable!

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OMG! Musuem quality work! The best of the best! You can’t go wrong here, a treasure to forever behold!
Frances S.