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Why I’m back with an Art Gallery to sell my Art…?

I’ve been selling my glass art, myself, for 15 years. My friend thought I was crazy to give away a large percentage of my art’s selling price to a gallery. She doesn’t understand why I am willing to do that.

Back in Georgia, for 10 years, I loved doing indoor bead shows each month. Mostly we went to Florida, where my colorful ocean & floral glass art sold quickly. And I relished absorbing new inspiration from the tropical vibes along the coast!

Then we moved to central Texas where people were not as knowledgeable about glass as on the west & east coast of the US.

So I turned to the Internet as my avenue to sell my art glass. It was OK at first. A lot of you I met through Etsy, Facebook and my blogging. But Etsy changed, going away from supporting the artisan to a over clogging of mass production. And Facebook became a constant struggle for me to keep up with the company’s ‘money gluttony’ changes.

But all the while, I studied my art glass, becoming masterful with glass lampworking techniques. My desires of creating fine art pushed me beyond beads to new horizons. I wanted to express my visions in glass instead of selling my glass components, so I started exploring new directions with jewelry making & glass sculptures.

I want each of my glass pieces to be an expression of my soul, just like my paintings! And I want to fill you with joy each time you wear or look at my art!


And here I am again… at another turning point! I need more time to make glass art, fine jewelry and explore new horizons with my painting.

And where am I spending my time…????


Why am I willing to give away a big chunk of money to someone else to market & sell my art?


1.    I literally don’t have any time to torch, let alone transforming my glass beads into fine art jewelry. Now that’s what sounds crazy… an artist who has NO time to create art!

2.    Selling on the Internet has gotten overwhelming because it’s growing so fast & changing too quickly! I’m spending most of my time trying to keep up with the learning of how to market & sell on the Internet.

3.    I’ve allowed my focus to be on the struggle of learning & trying to do social media. I swear there’s new stuff I must do to be successful, thrown at me daily, from the bombardment of my emails! And all the while, I’m not following my heart & doing art. 

4.    Statistics are saying artists should spend over 50% of our time promoting & marketing ourselves! That’s depressing! Am I being brainwashed?

So, I’m going to take a breather. I’m going to listen to my heart & follow it!

I’ve just put over 74 pieces of my glass jewelry in this amazing art gallery in Round Top, Texas this weekend. It’s called “The Gallery at Round Top”.


At home getting my jewelry ready to take…

my new work for the gallery

my new work for the gallery

Getting my jewelry for the gallery

Getting my jewelry  ready for the gallery


The Gallery at Round Top is located where the enormous antique shows are held twice a year! You definitely must go to see it. Miles and miles of antiques!

The Gallery at Round Top

The gallery is located in a tiny, charming town where visitors come for all over to visit quaint shopping, hear internationally renowned music at “Festival Hill” & enjoy enchanting scenery.


patsy evins at the gallery at round top

Me at ‘the Gallery at Round Top’


Me with gallery owners Ken & Karen

Me with gallery owners Ken & Karen

The owners are fellow artists who have a thriving gallery because of their sincere love & passion for fine art. They have a commitment to nurture artists & fine art in the world and have become a guiding light for collectors to the very best art that will enrich their lives. Their caring is at the very core of their gallery and you can feel the warmth of their souls.


Patsy Evins New glass lampwork jewelry

New glass lampwork jewelry using silversmith techniques & wire weaving


I’m going to spend more time where I love to be…dreaming & creating art.


These necklaces came from the flowers I teach in my Lampwork Tutorials 103 & 104. The top one was selected in the ‘International Society of Glass Beadmakers’ competition and traveled the US for a year. I plan to enter the second one for competition. 

Awarding winning necklace and Lampwork Tutorial 103 & 104 flowers

Awarding winning necklace and Lampwork Tutorial 103 & 104 flowers that I used in both necklaces

Understanding why art galleries are so important to artists is vital for art collectors.

The way I see it is…an art gallery & I are in a partnership! The right gallery allows me to focus on what I do best…create beautiful art that nourishes your soul. It’s a full time job that I love doing!

A really great art gallery spends their time promoting artists that they believe are exceptional. They find the perfect collector for the artist’s work. Helping collectors find the art work that speaks to their soul is the gallery’s mission. It’s a full time job that they love doing.


I read a great article about the future of galleries and artists representing themselves. ‘The gallery is dead/long live the gallery’  It’s a must read to understand what’s going on in the art world & how it can hurt you, the collector!


The article talks about how art galleries are struggling to stay open because of not embracing the new technologies & Internet. They also have to compete with artists using & sometimes abusing relationships with galleries because of the new technologies.

It seems, though, most artists really don’t want to market themselves and very few of them are naturally incline in that direction.

So, what will I do?

I’ll still be sharing with you my artistic journey and new glass art work will be for sell on my website’s Shop.  But now you’ll also have an opportunity to try on & purchase my artwork in person at “The Gallery at Round Top”. This will free up my time to create even more beautiful artwork for you!

I’ll even be doing a lampwork torching demo at ‘the Gallery’ during the Antique show in March! I’ll drop you an email when I know the exact date. Hope to see you there!

All my best!

Patsy 🙂



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Patsy Evins’ love of creating color rich artwork has been a long journey in her life. She received a BFA in drawing and painting and continued her studies for four more years in private art institutions. Her paintings have been exhibited and sold in Japan, Europe, the Far East, Puerto Rico, and the United States. She has been creating her sculptural glass lampwork art for over 17 years.

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